Monday, December 1, 2008

Well here goes...

I just turned 26 and figured I needed a blog. Long story long.... I'm a sculptor for a living, which means that I'm a " jack of all trades" in the art industry. I love to draw, paint, sculpt, photograph or just create. I'm have the great honor of being an apprentice to an incredible sculptor, Martin Dawe at Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta Georgia. I recently co-opened my first company with Martin, Cherrylion Workshop LLC. We do large production art casting, mainly for the hotel industry. I also teach 3 figurative sculpture classes to an amazing group of students at Cherrylion Studios. My classes just went on break until Jan. so I will try to keep this thing updated since I will have all that free time. HA HA. The workshop is working on a huge commission for a very prestigious hotel in Arizona, so my time is limited. I will try to update soon with some new sculpture, drawing and photography work. Check out my website for a full line of work

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