Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some pretty cool stuff. I have been selected to be in a show in Denver Colarado in March. The name of the show is Eros Pulse. Its a show showcasing the human figure in art. Im very excited it looks like it will be an awesome show. They are publishing a book of the work in the show this year which I will be in. I ordered my copy if you would like a copy you can pick one up at..

Not as important but still cool. Earlier this week I had a sculpture I did for Cherrylion published in the New York Times. It was just a small picture with no credit for the artist but still pretty exciting. I will be posting some new work soon I promise, I have a ton of drawings that all need to be scanned and a bunch of photos to edit and some new sculpture work I PROMISE.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A "lion" for Cherrylion

Here is a couple pics of the 3' lion's head I have been sculpting for Cherrylion. This was one of the most challenging pieces I have ever sculpted, but I had a blast and really feel like I learned a lot. It will be installed as fountain head in a local building in Atlanta. Thanks to Marty, Elio, Joe, Bob, and Ulysses for the group critique it is always good to be led in the right direction by artist that you respect so much. I also attached a few sketches I have been playing around with in my free time ( ha ha).