Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some pretty cool stuff. I have been selected to be in a show in Denver Colarado in March. The name of the show is Eros Pulse. Its a show showcasing the human figure in art. Im very excited it looks like it will be an awesome show. They are publishing a book of the work in the show this year which I will be in. I ordered my copy if you would like a copy you can pick one up at..

Not as important but still cool. Earlier this week I had a sculpture I did for Cherrylion published in the New York Times. It was just a small picture with no credit for the artist but still pretty exciting. I will be posting some new work soon I promise, I have a ton of drawings that all need to be scanned and a bunch of photos to edit and some new sculpture work I PROMISE.

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Shawn Crystal said...

Congrats Kev, on everything!